Pure Electric™ Lift Tables

Standard EW Series

Driven strictly by mechanical power using ball screw actuators, replacing the hydraulic system for a lift product with no fluid spills or hydraulic drift.

Capacity: 300kg – 1,000kg (662lbs – 2,206lbs)
Maximum height: 650mm – 900mm (25″ – 35″)

  • Standard EW Series
    Standard EW Series

Pure Electric™ Scissor Lift Tables for Industrial and Commercial Use

Mayi Industries is a leader in fluid-less lifting, with lift tables using no hydraulics. The Pure Electric™ line is driven strictly by mechanical power using ball screw actuators. There are no fluid spills or hydraulic drift. Operated entirely electromechanically, these tables provide greater mechatronic integration, superior over hydraulic technology. This allows for effective integration with various complex electrical machinery such as AGVs and SDVs, increasing their functional capabilities. By eliminating the use of hydraulics, the Pure Electric™ line producing zero pollutants and is perfect for demanding sterile environments. Surpassing industry standards, Mayi uses only top-quality steel to fabricate its electric lifts, they are durable, reliable and long lasting.

Comparing Electric and Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

Compared to hydraulic systems, electric lift tables are less noisy and do not pollute or produce emissions. Electric lift tables have a longer service life, requiring less repairs and preventative maintenance, saving you valuable time and resources. With complete support for industrial automation, your productivity will increase, and your employees can work more efficiently.

Choose Mayi Electric Scissor Lift Tables

Pure Electric™ scissor lift tables are recommended for quiet environments, automated workplaces and especially for the food and pharmaceutical industry, where hydraulic fluid contamination is a major concern. For these sectors, Mayi Industries provides the option of stainless-steel lift tables for the most demanding sterilized environments.

Mayi Industries can provide electric lift tables at a lower cost than our competitors since we manufacture all our equipment. In fact, we hold several patents for various components in our products. Electric lift tables are extremely safe and will keep your workspace free of oil spills. A clean workplace will protect your employees from slips and falls, resulting in fewer accidents and injuries, lowering insurance, legal and recovery costs.