Material Handling Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Safety is a serious matter. Once a facility has been deemed unsafe or not in compliance of safety standards, inspectors often perform repeated checks and assessments. Any subsequent negligence can result in more expensive fines and could result in financial penalties that threaten a company’s survival. Companies that adhere to safety standards enjoy the benefits of lower insurance rates, which they can use to reinvest and grow.

Production requires manpower to handle products in the manufacturing industry. Until robots and automation can fully do everything for us, people are our biggest asset. We believe that investing in worker safety is of the utmost importance. It is imperative to use the right tool for the job to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life.

Popular Lift Products used in
Manufacturing Facilities

  • U-shape HU Series
    U-Shape HU Series
  • Low-profile HZ Series
    Low-Profile HZ Series
  • Standard EW Series
    Standard EW Series

Ergonomic Material Handling to Improve Safety and Productivity

Lift products allow workers to ergonomically position loads at multiple heights to avoid unnecessary bending, lifting or reaching, reducing injuries. Workers can move materials from work surfaces onto other surfaces safely without having to carry materials, risk dropping them, or straining themselves.

Lift equipment helps reduce costs by increasing productivity. Mayi can create an integrated system of conveyors and can program an automatic line, producing higher levels of efficiency and output. Automated systems require less manpower, increase safety, reduce costs and production interruptions that can occur from human error.

A Case for Lift Tables
in the Manufacturing Industry

One of our local customers is a manufacturer of large projectors used in movie theatres such as IMAX, Typically, their employees would work together to lift heavy, oversized objects onto worktables where the equipment would be assembled. One day, an employee was injured and the WSIB got involved. This resulted in heavy fines for the company because of the hazardous work conditions that led to this injury.

Safety is a serious issue. Once a facility is considered unsafe, inspectors may begin to pursue the facility, with the potential of ongoing scrutiny, follow-up inspections and fines. The company’s goal was to implement a safer method to lift their heavy equipment. After working with their team to fully understand their manufacturing process, we helped them design an efficient workflow using lift tables.

For their main assembly lines we provided them with several HW1002 hydraulic lift tables so they could easily load the heavy materials using either a forklift or pallet jack. Thereafter working on the tables provided a consistent height for the workers to not have to bend down.

Following the implementation, they avoided future safety violations. Mayi’s lift tables allowed them to increase productivity while significantly reducing the risk of workplace injuries.