Motorized Tuggers

SM Series

  • Motorized Tugger
    SM Tugger-1 Ton
  • SM Tugger-1 Ton
    SM Tugger-1.5 Ton
  • SM Tugger-1 Ton
    SM Tugger-2 Ton
  • SM Tugger-1 Ton
    SM Tugger-2.5 Ton
  • SM3000
    SM Tugger-3 Ton
  • SM Tugger-1 Ton
    SM Tugger-3.5 Ton
  • SM Tugger-1 Ton
    SM Tugger-5 Ton

Platform Tuggers

  • Platform Tugger
    Platform Tugger
  • Platform Tugger
    Platform Tugger with Cage

Industrial & Commercial Grade Motorized Tuggers

If it rolls, you can use a tugger to either push or pull it.

Tuggers (tugs) are small, motorized tractors used to pull or push heavy loads mounted on wheeled platforms like industrial carts. The electric tugger can push or pull trolleys, hospital beds, roll pallets, wheeled shelves or any type of rolling object. Electric tuggers are a safe and economical alternative to larger, ride-on material handling equipment such as forklifts. They are compact and allow you to transport heavy loads with complete control and maximum visibility.

Why Choose Tuggers Over Forklifts?

  • Tuggers are safer
  • Provide increased visibility without the fear of tipping or dropping material
  • Able to safely move oversized loads
  • Lower risk of injury or death
  • Cost effective – tuggers cost less and don’t require licensed operators
  • An easy solution to implement as controls are simple and intuitive
  • Easy to maneuver and work well in crowded, small, narrow spaces occupying less floor space
  • Powered completely by electricity generated by a rechargeable battery, reducing operation costs by eliminating fossil fuels and emissions
  • No oil spills or fumes, ideal in pharmaceutical and food handling industries