Material Handling Solutions for Automotive Facilities

Mayi’s mobile lift tables provide substantial benefits to the automotive industry. For instance, lift tables are very helpful for a mechanic. Whether you are working on tires or servicing a vehicle’s engine, lift tables allow workers to easily access hard to reach areas and move heavy components with ease, reducing the risk of injury and improving morale.

Lift tables and tuggers are also useful in automotive assembly and manufacturing plants. Mayi Industries will work closely with your team to help develop integrated automated material handling systems, increasing efficiency and precision, allowing your company to allocate manpower more effectively.

Popular Lift Products used in
Automotive Facilities

  • Ultra-low HY Series-2.5 Ton
    Ultra-Low HY Series-1 Ton
  • Double speed PKT Series
    Two-Stage Double Speed PKTD Series
  • Double speed PKT Series
    Double Speed PKT Series
  • ESM Series
    ESM Series

Scissor Lift Tables offer Advantages over Conventional Forklifts

  • While forklifts may seem like a great alternative to lift tables and tuggers, they are far from ideal. Forklifts are expensive, require licensed operators, take up a significant amount of space and are not the safest way to transport loads back and forth, or up and down.
  • In a busy, crowded facility, forklifts can prove to be liabilities. Since lift tables do not need gas or oil to operate, the risk of injury from slips and falls is greatly reduced. Mayi’s lift tables and tuggers allow workers to ergonomically place vehicle components at multiple heights and/or positions to avoid unnecessary bending, lifting or reaching.

Use Case for Lift Products
in an Automotive Facility

ESM91D mobile lift table

Like many big cities, real estate in Toronto is limited and space is a valuable commodity. A successful body shop in Toronto was using a forklift to lift and lower engines and other heavy parts off vehicles being repaired. Business was doing well and the body shop was bustling with employees, trying to get their jobs done. However, their forklift was taking up a significant amount of space and was becoming a liability due to the space and attention needed to safely operate. Basically, when the forklift was used, every other function in the bodyshop had to stop to make sure nobody got hurt by accident while the materials were being moved. They approached Mayi, looking for a better material handling solution.

After working with their team to understand their workflow, we recommended an ESM91D mobile lift table . It is capable of lifting over 2,000 lbs, has a large enough platform to safely accommodate an engine and tools, eliminating the need for a forklift, and improving ergonomics for employees through reduced manual transportation of heavy components. Mayi’s ESM91D mobile lift table allowed them to increase efficiency while reducing the risk of injury.