Low-Profile HZ Series


For smaller loads ranging from 500-2200 lbs loaded and unloaded in very tight crowded spaces, the HZ Low Profile lift tables from Mayi Industries was designed with a smaller table surface and its hydraulic drive sitting outside in a small, compact, power box with handles for ease of carrying. By having the power pack not sit under the table, these scissor lifts are capable of reaching a very low 6” minimum height. This is advantageous for situations where the table will be loaded manually by a worker (controller can be a foot pedal), or with a cart placed directly onto the table surface. For example, in electronic manufacturing where the parts are brought over in bins for the workers sitting down at their worktable.

Model: HZ0501


MODEL HZ0501 HZ1001
Capacity kg(lb.) 500 (1100) 1000 (2200)
Min. Height mm(in.) 162 (6.4) 180 (7)
Max. Height mm(in.) 950 (37.4) 770 (30.3)
Platform Size mm mm(in.) 610×910 (24×35.8) 610×916 (24×36)
Lift Time (Second) 17-22 15-20
Power Pack 110V/50Hz, AC 0.75kW 110V/50Hz, AC 1.1kW
Net Weight kg(lb.) 98 (215.6) 115 (253)


Made from high quality steel, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout their service life. Providing you with the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective lift product in the market today. The HZ Low Profile Lift Table series uses high-quality hydraulics, rounded corners of the tables to prevent injuries, and a myriad of safety features to make sure you and your people can focus on being productive without injuries. The high-quality hydraulic cylinder is encased in a weather-resistant, all steel housing. Precision velocity fuses on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free-fall. Equipped with an explosion proof valve in the event of a hose rupture, hard chromed pivot points are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bronze bearings or Teflon coated bushings. Outfitted with hinged safety bars for maintenance and backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty, Mayi Industries has you covered!


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EN1570:1999, CE, CSA, ANSI/ASME Certified
Aluminum safety bar to stop descent of platform
Heavy-duty cylinder with explosion-proof valve that slowly descends if tubing ruptures
Intelligent design with rounded corners to prevent injuries
Hinged maintenance bars for safety
Low profile design
Compact table surface