SM Tugger-3.5 Ton


If it rolls, you can use a tugger to pull or push it, virtually anything can be moved so long as it’s on wheels. From lighter loads, such as trolleys, hospital beds, roll pallets, wheeled shelves or any type of rolling object.

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All the way to massive, oversized loads that cannot be transported easily with conventional ride-on material handling equipment; for example, material handling trains, cars, cargo containers, and even boats.

In many respects, tuggers are the safe and economical alternative to larger, ride-on material handling equipment such as forklifts. They are compact and allow you to transport heavy loads with complete control and maximum visibility. With many hook adaptors to latch onto multiple surfaces, it’s a versatile tool capable of hauling loads ranging from 1 to 10 tons.

Made of high-quality steel, a powerful stepless motor, and heavy duty tires and casters. The US made Curtis controller comes with a safety emergency stop button that stops the tuggers motion when detecting an object. As always, Mayi Industries guarantees your tugger to be free of defect for one year and unprecedented support. Mayi Industries has you covered!


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EN1570:1999, CE, CSA, ANSI/ASME Certified
DC stepless motor
Made in USA Curtis Controller
Gas Tire or Solid Casters for different terrains
Rechargeable battery