Two-Stage ESMD Series


What makes this series truly unique in the marketplace is its handle, and its ability to handle extremely well in tight cramped spaces. We designed this inspired by the great maneuverability of a pump truck/pallet jack and used a tiller to house the controls for the unit. Handling just like a pallet jack with this tiller, we are able to achieve a super high turning ratio perfect for navigating in narrow aisles and cramped spaces. With the addition of an extra stage of lifting, these versatile lifts can reach heights of over 6 feet. Making them one of a handful of options for lifting heavy loads in cramped spaces (such as tunnels, bridge undersides, smaller storage units and containers) safely and efficiently.

Model: ESM50D


Model ESM50D ESM80D ESM91D ESM120D
Capacity kg(lb.) 500(1100) 800 (1700) 910(2006) 1200 (2646)
Min. Height mm(in.) 470 (18.5) 520 (20.5) 520 (20.6) 520 (20.7)
Max. Height mm(in.) 1720 (67.7) 1850 (73) 1850 (74) 1850 (75)
Platform Size mm mm(in.) 1020×610 (40×24)
Overall Size mm(in.) 1380×667 (54×26)
Lift Time (Second) 20/30
Wheel Diameter mm (in.) Ø 200(7.8)
Net Weight kg(lb.) 235 (518) 250 (551) 300 (660) 330 (727.5)
Note Stepless adjusted handle, Standard


These powerful and rugged portable lift tables provide a versatile, convenient, cost saving solution to numerous material handling situations. Ideal for lifting and lowering heavy loads; that need to be moved to different areas. Because the lift is fully powered by electricity, your workers don’t need to strain themselves pushing the heavy cart with the load. The perfect answer for die handling, assembly operations, automotive repairs, or use as an efficient delivery cart. A good match for situations where the load needs to be constantly raised or lowered for many cycles of the business process; where manually doing so would be strenuous and time wasteful.

The ESM-D Mobile Lift Tables are designed to reduce employee injuries and increase productivity. Powered by electricity the heavy duty hydraulic will make it a breeze to raise or lower the heavy materials you need. Ranging in capacities from 600-2500 lbs, they can do virtually any job, big or small. The lift comes equipped with utility pockets to put tools and other important work necessities, so they are easily accessed while working on something.

The high-quality hydraulic cylinder is encased in a weather-resistant, all steel housing. Precision velocity fuses on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free-fall. Equipped with an explosion proof valve in the event of a hose rupture, hard chromed pivot points are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bronze bearings or Teflon coated bushings. Outfitted with hinged safety bars for maintenance and backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty. Count on Mayi Industries, we got you covered!


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800W DC Hydraulic Drive
24V/2x40-50Ah Battery
EN1570:1999, CE, CSA, ANSI/ASME Approved
Pump-Truck Style Steering
Utility Pockets
Two Stages