Two-Stage HD Series


Our hydraulic scissor lift tables are made from high quality steel, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout their service life. Providing you with the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective lift product in the market today. The HD Two Stage scissor lift tables are rated to safely lift loads ranging from 1000 lbs up to 7000 lbs, to heights of up to 19 feet high. Available in a multitude of sizes and configurations, with many accessories to facilitate the flow of materials such as rollers, balltops, etc.. Perfect for virtually any application that requires positioning of materials and raising and lowering of heavy loads to higher altitudes; for example, dock lifts, manufacturing, assembly, and raw material processing.

Model: HD2000L


MODEL HD1000 HD2000 HD2000L HD4000 HD3000L
Capacity kg(lb.) 1000 (2200) 2000 (4400) 4000 (8800) 3000 (6600)
Min. Height mm(in.) 305 (12) 360 (14.2) 700 (27.5) 400 (15.7) 800 (35.1)
Max. Height mm(in.) 1780 (70.1) 1780 (70.1) 4400 (173) 2050 (80.7) 5600 (220.5)
Platform Size mm mm(in.) 820×1300 (32.3×51) 850×1300 (33.5×51) 1700×1000 (67×40) 1700×1200 (67×47.2) 5000×2200 (196.8×86.6)
Lift Time (Second) 35-45 100-110 55-65 140-160
Power Pack 110V/50Hz, AC 2.2kW 110V/50Hz, AC 3kW
Net Weight kg(lb.) 210 (462) 295 (649) 2230 (4900) 520 (1144) 2500 (5510)


The HD Two Stage Lift Table series uses high-quality hydraulics, rounded corners of the tables to prevent injuries, and a myriad of safety features to make sure you and your people can focus on being productive without injuries. The high-quality hydraulic cylinder is encased in a weather-resistant, all steel housing. Precision velocity fuses on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free-fall. Equipped with an explosion proof valve in the event of a hose rupture, hard chromed pivot points are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bronze bearings or Teflon coated bushings. Outfitted with hinged safety bars for maintenance and backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty, Mayi Industries has you covered!


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EN1570:1999, CE, CSA, ANSI/ASME Certified
Aluminum safety bar to stop descent of platform
Heavy-duty cylinder with explosion-proof valve that slowly descends if tubing ruptures
Intelligent design with rounded corners to prevent injuries
Hinged maintenance bars for safety
Two stages